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Hello, We Are Orbyt Play

No travel required. No tickets to buy. No lines to wait in. Orbyt Play is your global independent games celebration. All online. All access. Streaming for everyone. Featuring top gaming personalities, developers and YOU the fans.

We love the Fallouts, Halos, and Witchers of the world, but there are thousands of independent games from across the globe worthy of our valuable playing time, yet these gems aren’t always on our radar. So we had this crazy concept to see what we could do about it.

Rather than taking a plane, train or automobile to the next great conference, convention, festival or awards show, we wanted to bring the event to you, online and LIVE, where indie games are front and center. And thanks to our friends at YouTube and YouTube Gaming, there will be multiple live-streams you can tune into to discover and rediscover some of your new favorite games, which you can thank our other partner Indie MEGABOOTH for helping us curate.

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The Orbyt Play Team

Orbyt Play comes to you from gamers who represent a cross-section of the video game industry. We are first and foremost fans who could have only made this happen with the passion and support of the independent games community. So get ready because this is all about indie games and we’re pretty darn excited to get on with the show!

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