The Event

We love the Fallouts, Halos and Witchers of the world, but there are thousands of independent games from around the world worthy of our valuable playing time, yet these gems aren’t always on our radar. So we had this crazy concept to see what we could do about it.

So what are we talking about? We’re bringing together some of the online world’s top gaming talent and video game commentators with crazy passion for indies with an awesome selection of games – from the classics to the newly released to the undiscovered, from studios of many to the lone designer, from teams in Seattle to ones in Serbia.

Across multiple live-streams, under the Orbyt Play banner, these “professional fans” will play and interact with both the developers who make the games and fans who love them during this one-day online celebration.

Developers don’t have to travel to participate – thank you technology – providing them time and savings that can go into their games. And for the fans, the best part is that there are no tickets to buy, no long lines to stand in and no VIP passes. Everyone has equal opportunity to see some of the most entertaining, engaging and exclusive content.

Do you have an Internet connection? Can you get to one? If yes to either, you’re in!

The Team

It’s really not about us, it’s about the games! But we are some of the most die hard indie game fans who come from various parts of the video game ecosystem who simply wanted to contribute to the movement celebrating the imagination and ingenuity of independent games. We have all been inspired in different ways over the years and were compelled to harness our collective experience, combine it with our passion and build a really fun platform in an earnest attempt to make a dent in showcasing just some of the thousands of amazing indie games being developed today.