One Month Away

By January 20, 2016News

What an amazing week it’s been since we announced this labor of love. The support and feedback from the community has been humbling. We can’t thank you enough. But now it’s one month, only ONE MONTH (!) away until the live-stream and there is still a lot to do.

Next week we will start sharing with you some of the amazing games we have lined up. We have some incredibly imaginative, challenging and ridiculously fun titles in our midst – some you know, some you’ll rediscover and some will be the best blind date you’ve ever had. We have been furiously scouring the globe for these gems alongside our friends at Indie MEGABOOTH and we cannot wait for you to experience them through the eyes and nimble fingers of our hosts and their friends.

How are we selecting games do you ask? It’s simple. We’re playing games that make us happy. We’re leaving the judging and reviews to our peers for now. As Orbyt Play evolves perhaps we will start to categorize the platformers from the puzzlers, the RPGs and the RTSs, the mobile games from the consoles to the table tops, but for now it’s as scientific as games you’d want to tell your friends about. So if in the end we over-index on certain genres or miss your favorite indie racing sim coming from the far reaches of the globe, tell us and let’s grow Orbyt so we can play more indie games together next go-round!

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