Welcome to Orbyt Play!

By January 12, 2016News

Welcome to Orbyt Play! Less than a year ago we were standing in line waiting to catch a glimpse of one of the big publisher game releases at E3. By the time we exited the experience, seriously hours later, not only were we friends for life with those who also braved the queue, but we also had our first mental business plan of a convention that could come to us. We then ran into a few indie developers rushing to get from one live-stream interview to the next and as Oprah promised, that aha moment swept over us.

We actually were there to see the indies. To our crew, the independent games are the main event and all the AAA is on the periphery. So when we put the notion of a live-streaming event that brings the convention to you together with focusing solely on our beloved independent games, we immediately started to run the concept by trusted peers in the indie community, whose unfettered feedback helped make this a reality.

Now just a few months later, we are thrilled to bring our vision to you – with indie games as seen through the eyes and quick fingers of many of our YouTube and online friends – and hopefully earn our place in the esteemed club of events and fests that share in our admiration and recognition of indie games and the people who make them.


Lookin' good, you.